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Shake up the game with user-friendly music marketing services and analytics products used by major labels, artist managers, and talent agencies around the world. Why overcomplicate things when they can just be Simple?

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That starts with extraordinary humans who have music industry experience and most importantly love what they do.

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No campaign is too small for us! We work just as hard for Megastars as for up-and-coming artists!

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You Have to Promote Your Music!

With over 60,000 songs uploaded per day and 1.8 million monthly uploads to Spotify alone, it’s becoming clear that digital marketing is a sure way to cut through all that noise. It’s not enough to just promote using untested methods; it matters how you do it and where. That’s where we come in with our vast music marketing expertise! It pays to have someone established in the music industry as the go-to music promoter whom you can trust!


Comprehensive Music Marketing Strategies

Our goal is to grow a long-term fanbase that not only watches a music video, but also follows the artist on social media, actively listens on streaming platforms, and engages with the artist.

Consumption Analysis

Why Analytics Are So Important?

At Advertising.Me by Simple Social, we are confident that advertising without analysis is a waste of money! Below is a comparison between the three most popular DSPs. While Spotify is dominating with over 200,000 new releases per week, the other two platforms fall right behind, and each has its own unique audience that will help your music get discovered.  We carefully analyze each artist and put together custom plans designed specifically around your project, so we can make sure that every dollar is allocated the right way, giving your song the best chance to break through the noise!

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What We Do

We Get Your Music Heard The Right Way

Digital Advertising

We promote music using the most popular social platforms, such as YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, TikTok, and others.

How We Do It

We rely on deep analysis of different social channels, called social listening, to scrape data from multiple sources and create the most competitive and detailed digital marketing plans on the market.

Data Science & Consumption Building

One of the most sought-after end results of any digital marketing campaign is fan acquisition. It involves using a variety of means, such as display ads, News Feed, and page pop-ups, to attract listeners to Spotify, Instagram feed, or other platforms like a web page.

How We Do It

Each song is individually analyzed prior to starting, which helps us achieve the best results when it comes to consumption. In addition to a full data analysis before, during, and after the campaign, we have built a custom AI-based software that helps us effectively promote even further. Thanks to our state-of-the-art dashboards and analytics tools, our clients are able to see the impact of the campaign as well.

Instagram Fan Acquisition

Many will measure Instagram growth in terms of new followers, likes, and comments on their posts. Others will take into account their hashtag performance or estimated social media reach. To us, the most important aspect of Instagram growth is conversion and overall consumption. We want you to gain followers, but we also want you to gain real fans who consume your product.

How We Do It

We grow Instagram followers the real way, using native Instagram ads and nothing else! We will showcase your talent to engaged audiences all over the world, which will help you gain new fans who actually like your music and choose to follow you because of that.

Youtube Playlisting

One way to raise consumption and attract similar audiences is through inclusion in established YouTube playlists. We're happy to say that we have our own network of popular YouTube playlists. These playlists span many various genres and popular themes, all ensuring that your song or asset has the perfect home.

How We Do It

We use digital advertising to promote songs on the playlists. Your video will be added to the same playlists as similar artists, which will also help generate organic traffic via the "waterfall" effect. This type of campaign is fully monetizable, and all the views count towards certification.

YouTube Promotion

With more than 5 billion videos consumed every single day, YouTube is a solidified powerhouse name and platform that is invaluable when it comes to brand awareness and consumption. It's a platform for every official music video.

How We Do It

We use advertising pre-roll (True View ads) and in-feed ads to promote YouTube content such as music videos. Each ad is deeply targeted, and clients always approve the plan before any ads are run.

TikTok Fan Acquisition

We run targeted TikTok ads to promote and grow your account. TikTok is currently one of the most influential social media platforms for music consumption. For this type of campaign, we will require you to post at least 2-3 times per week.

How We Do It

We use advertising pre-roll (True View ads) and in-feed ads to promote YouTube content such as music videos. Each ad is deeply targeted, and clients always approve the plan before any ads are run.

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